Complaints Procedure

We welcome all comments and feedback about the way we work, whether positive or negative. Your views help us to make sure that we are giving the best service we can, and are important in letting us know where we need to make changes.

Your feedback may include compliments (e.g. praise of a particular service or staff member), comments about how our services could be developed, or complaints.

Compliments and comments can be shared by talking to the person working with you or a manager. You can share your views by phone, in a letter/email, or by asking to meet with us. Contact details can be found at the end of this leaflet.

Family Care is committed to providing positive experiences for people who access our services. We regard complaints as an opportunity to turn a negative experience for a customer or service user into a positive one, as well as an opportunity to learn and to improve.  We also have information for young people wishing to give feedback or complain.

The purpose of our procedure is to ensure that:

  • there is open access to the procedure
  • we listen and are responsive to people who raise an issue with us
  • we respond swiftly and at a level close to the point of service delivery
  • we are fair and consistent
  • we offer solutions and/or explanations
  • we resolve complaints informally where possible
  • we offer complainants recourse to someone more senior/more independent if complainants wish
  • staff who are mentioned in complaints receive support
  • we respect confidentiality
  • we record complaints consistently and monitor what we record
  • we use complaints positively as an opportunity for learning and improvement.

In making a complaint we believe most people want:

  • to be listened to
  • to have the problem accepted as important
  • to be offered a solution or explanation
  • to have their distress acknowledged
  • to be assured that where our service has not been of a high standard or mistakes have been made, the same thing will not happen again.

It is therefore essential that people raising a complaint are involved in discussing their concerns and in finding solutions.

How to Complain

Stage One – The Informal Stage

Tell the people who run the service

If you are unhappy about any of our services we want to hear from you. You can communicate your dissatisfaction to the staff member who is working with you. That member of staff should then tell their Manager about your complaint and also explain how they have dealt with it. This helps us to make sure that the matter has been handled properly. If you feel that the person you are working with cannot help you, or if you are not happy with the answers they give, you should contact their manager. You can contact them by phone, in writing, or by asking to see them. They will look into the matter and, wherever possible, you will get an answer within 10 working days.

Stage two – The Formal Stage

If you feel that your complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved, you can write to the Business Services Manager at Family Care with full details. We will then determine the best way to look into your complaint. We will acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days. An Independent Person, Trustee, or someone of appropriate authority will be appointed to investigate your complaint and prepare a written report. We will need to discuss your complaint with you so we are clear about the issues and the outcome you want. You can have a friend or supporter attend any meetings with you. We aim to complete the investigation within 28 days of receiving your complaint. Sometimes investigations can take longer than 28 days. If this happens we will tell you and let you know the outcome as soon as we can. The written report will include any conclusions and a proposed course of action.

Stage three – If you’re not happy with our response

If you’re not happy with our response you can contact the Business Services Manager and let them know the reasons why you remain unhappy. You should do this within 28 days of receiving our written response. We will ask our Chair of Trustees to review your complaint. A final decision on the complaint will be sent to you within 28 days.

Complaints relating to our Adoption Service

We understand that sometimes it is not easy to say what you feel to the people who provide your service. If you need help, advice or someone to make your views known, or if you are not satisfied after a final decision is made, you can also contact:-

OFSTED National Business Unit
Royal Exchange Buildings
St Ann’s Square
M2 7LA
Tel: 0300 123 4666


We will only tell people about your complaint when there is a justifiable reason for doing this.  After it is resolved, we will keep a summary on record, using guidance from the Data Protection Act.  If you use our services and have a file, the record will be placed on your file.  We use anonymised information from complaints to make sure we learn from them and improve our services.


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