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Adoption support

Jigsaw piecesAt Family Care we understand that adoption affects many lives of many people and that its impact can be life-long.


We provide a range of adoption support services to those who have adopted their family through us and to others who have been touched by adoption in some way.



We provide adoption support to:


  • adopted people
  • birth family members
  • adoptive family members
  • and we offer advice to other enquirers


Family Care can offer direct services to those we have been involved with and is able to offer advice to others.


Family Care’s archive now includes records from other agencies. Click here for a list of these agencies’ names and addresses


Specific services can include:


  • advice and support
  • providing information
  • considering options
  • individual/group work
  • access to records
  • help with tracing
  • acting as an intermediary
  • facilitating and supporting reunions
  • advice and support on managing behaviour
  • advice on explaining adoption
  • support in managing contact


Sometimes we may have to charge for some of these services – for  example, for obtaining information to trace – but we will talk to you about it first.


Developing our adoption support services is important to us and we’re always trying to improve what we do, in line with current legislation and good practice.


If you think we may be able to help you, why not call us or email to find out more? One of the team will always be happy to answer questions. Contact us by email or call us on 0115 960 3010

Our Children's Guide is available to all families who adopted through Family Care.