Young People

What is therapeutic emotional support?

When someone dies you might feel sad, angry, scared or lonely, or just need to talk to someone who understands.  Your feelings might be all mixed up inside and you might be unsure how you feel or how to let these feelings out.

We are here to listen to you in a safe place away from home and help you to sort out your thoughts and feelings.  We can then together help find ways to cope with these.

Spiral Therapeutic Support

What can I do there?

This is your time to use how you want to.  You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.  You might find other ways to show how you are feeling by drawing, painting, puppets, playing in the sand or using something different.  You will not be made to do anything you don’t want to do during your time here.  There is no right or wrong way to use your time with us.

Do I have to come?

No.  It is your choice if you come or not.

Will you tell other people about our time together?

What you talk or do during your time will not be shared with other people you know.  You might want others to know what you have done, which is fine if you want to share this with them. There might be times we need to talk to other people about our time together, if someone was hurting you or someone you know.  This is to help keep you safe.

How long does it last for?

Your time can last anything from 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on your age.  Usually you will come weekly and we will be 6 times together.  Then we can decide together if you need more.


Sometimes we can see you in school or if you would find it better we can see you here at Family Care/Spiral or another place you might feel safe.