The Children

Family Care has close relationships with Local Authorities all over the country and works with them to ensure the children in their care find loving and permanent homes.

There are just over 1,000 children in the UK awaiting adoptive families, but fewer than 500 families approved to adopt.

Most of the children awaiting new families will have had a very difficult start in life and need a family who can offer them a secure and loving environment during their childhood and into their adult lives.

We are looking for adoptive families for:

  • groups of brothers and sisters
  • children from a variety of ethnic, cultural and faith backgrounds
  • children with emotional and behavioural needs
  • children with medical issues or uncertainties in their future
  • children with physical and learning disabilities
  • children of all ages but especially older children
  • children who have experienced considerable upheaval in their lives

Once approved to adopt, you and your social worker will work together to find the child or children who will go on to become members of your family. When you are linked with a child or children, and have learnt more about their needs, you will attend a matching panel. If the match is agreed you will spend time getting to know each other with the help of the children’s foster family and social workers before the children move into your home.

We hope this short outline gives you a sense of what to expect on your adoption journey with Family Care.  If you are wanting to make the next step on your adoption journey, please give our friendly team a call on 0115 9603010, or come along to our next Information Event. (Clickable link)

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